Magyar fejlesztésű natúrkozmetikumok: (fürdő- és testápolási termékek) a tiszta és egészséges bőrért.

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Currently available in 50ml package

Aldeléna Anti Aging Complex Face Cream is recommended for the care of the face, neck, and décolletage.

Its special ingredients are designed to moisturize, tighten, and replenish the skin. The lifting effect is supported by dragon blood extract, which stimulates collagen production, hyaluronic acid that strengthens the protective layer, a peptide against expression lines, and a component consisting of 5 different cold-pressed vegetable oils.

You can purchase the face cream in a special airless jar, which is a high-quality packaging solution. The advantage of this storage method is that the jar's lid does not need to be unscrewed, there is no need to dip into the cream, preventing any contamination. The product remains hygienic, and the container protects the cream's formula and extends its shelf life.

22 500 Ft